Babachir: Buhari should get to the root of it


By Zayyad I. Muhammad Jimeta President Muhammadu Buhari’s stance on corruption is indisputable judging by his government’s genuine and commendable efforts to tame the vice. However, The President’s anti-corruption battle is facing its biggest test with the recent revelations linking ...

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Nigeria: A graveyard for pensioners


By Charles Nwaogaraku Nigeria is a big fraud and this explains why politicians, political office holders, technocrats and their cronies see the country as a big cow available for milking by those who have its custody, while a majority of ...

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Challenges facing MSMEs in Nigeria

CBN building

By Peter Osalor It is the responsibility of government to provide employment and security for the people, among other things. However, since government cannot provide full employment for the people, what it does is to provide the enabling environment for ...

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Can Ndigbo bounce back?


By James Eze     Before the Biafran War, Eastern Nigeria was one of the few regions of hope in black Africa. The World Bank made this official in 1964 when it named Eastern Nigeria the fastest growing regional economy ...

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Obasanjo and his sour grapes


By Monima Daminabo As if in a play-out of the cliché which holds that old habits hardly die, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has returned to the nation’s public space with his penchant for generating undue controversy, and as some say, in ...

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