NCAA clears Medview Airlines for operations after smoke scare

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has given Medview Airlines a clean bill of health after conducting a test flight on its aircraft at the weekend.

The checks became necessary after an Abuja-bound Medview aircraft from Lagos made an air return minutes after its take-off on Saturday, when a passenger raised the alarm of smoke emaciating from the aircraft.

A statement by Medview said the 30-minute testflight took the aircraft from Lagos to Ibadan and back with the NCCA’s inspectors on board.

It stated that the inspectors said the aircraft could resume its normal activities, having found nothing wrong with it.

They also concluded that what was mistaken for smoke, which caused a false fire alarm, could have been thick fog from the aircraft’s cooling system.

“The management of the airline commended the timely action of the NCAA in conducting the checks on the aircraft and releasing it for normal flight operations,” the statement added.


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