2015: OBJ never met Jonathan on my behalf –Sule Lamido

Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State has described as untrue, speculation in some quarters that former President Oluse­gun Obasanjo, was ne­gotiating with President Goodluck Jonathan on his behalf, so that he could replace Vice Pres­ident Namadi Sambo, as the nation’s number two man come 2015.

Speaking with a select group of journalists in Du­tse, the Jigawa State capital, Lamido who said those be­hind the report, which was published in some newspa­pers were out to destroy his person, just to promote Sam­bo, further said that Obasan­jo did not meet Jonathan over anything.

“The story in question was planted and I know who did it. And the story was aimed at destroy­ing my reputation and in his folly; he thought he was pro­moting the Vice President because he said Obasanjo went there to meet President Jonathan.

“If you know Obj you will know he is an extreme­ly proud person. There are some things he would not do. So they said he went to President Jonathan and begged him to put down Na­madi and use me to replace him as a condition for sup­port.

“Then the writer brought in the killer line, by saying Jonathan is a good person saying ‘sorry sir, I can’t do it because Namadi has been a very loyal Vice President.’  The story presents President Jonathan as a fair person who has a lot of integrity and who also understands absolute loyalty. Isn’t that?”

“Good! Again, in the story, Jonathan was said to have further said ‘we are fighting corruption; if we put Sule Lamido, then I (Jonathan) would be undermining my fight against corruption be­cause he (Lamido) is still un­der investigation.’

“But then, these are is­sues that have not been de­termined by any competent court and they are drawing conclusions that I’m guilty. Up till now, nobody has said this is how much I have sto­len.

“The Director-General of SSS literarily shut down the Jigawa State Govern­ment for two weeks, picked up some bank managers that they must produce evidence against. They showed some pressmen figures; from this account to that account, but they are all tissues of lies. And the aim was just to en­sure I was undermined and smeared.

“So what that guy did was literally to destroy me. One, to promote his boss as a very loyal person; to me he is a wonderful Vice President; he is very loyal. I have noth­ing against Namadi. Nothing against him in my life!

“But you could see how they are using me – to pro­mote him. They want to de­stroy me, to promote him. And that explains why they planted what they did in the papers. And in any case, four days before the story was published, I got the story.

“The truth is that Obasan­jo did not meet Jonathan over anything. He has never met Jonathan over any arrange­ment about me. Nothing like that happened,” Lamido, said.


  1. Akajiaku Pius Eluka

    Oga, please what is your point, there are so many people you are attacking at the same time. Could it be sign of fear or sign of uncordinated life actions?

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