EU reaches consensus on granting Ukraine candidate status

European ministers on Tuesday reached total consensus on grating candidate status to Ukraine ahead of a summit later this week, that is expected to give the war-torn country the green light.

France’s Europe minister said yesterday that all ministers had agreed to recommend Ukraine’s candidate status.

The news comes as Ukraine said that Russian forces had captured more territory in the east of the country, with intensified pressure on two of the region’s cities.

Reaction to the news is expected to be strong n Ukraine with the country believing that one of the solutions to the crisis is membership in the union. Although the status does not guarantee membership, it does in the words of both the country’s president and head of the armed forces, give the country something to fight for.

Support by the ministers also comes as Germany does a major U-turn as it agrees to go public with the support it has provided to Ukraine, whilst the US government has said this week will be a decisive one in terms of the war.

Russia is expected to push forward more heavily on the back of the news, with today having seen violations of airspace across Europe and threats directed at Lithuania after the country blocked the passage of Russian goods through the country.

For Ukraine, the total consensus amongst European Union MPs is the first step in being granted candidate status, there will however be many more hurdles for the country to overcome as it works its way to the enshrinement of EU principles and visions in the country. – France24.

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