Aregbesola slams Akintoye, other Yoruba nation agitators as foolish

Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola has been reported as describing Yoruba nation agitators as ‘foolish’.

This sweeping description will encompass Professor Banji Akintoye, who leads the Yoruba World Congress, Sunday Igboho and other canvassers for an independent Yoruba nation.

Aregbesola said the agitators are foolish because they have not considered the consequences of war, based on his reasoning that the breakup campaign would lead to war.

Aregbesola spoke on Saturday at the Zenabab Hotel, in his hometown of , Ilesha, Osun State during his 64th birthday celebration.

“Those who are agitating for Yoruba and Biafra nation are foolish. Any Nigerian must seek Unity, harmony and peace for our country. If we refuse to entrench unity, peace and strength for Nigeria, Africans may be enslaved for another time. This is the country that God has created to liberate the Africa nations, anyone who wants that should not trouble this country.

“Any right-thinking person should know that any problem against Nigeria will result in calamity and retrogression. Anyone who loves women, children, pregnant women, aged, people living with disabilities should stop the agitation. It will take Nigeria 50 years to recover from civil war. Anyone who still wants civil war for Nigeria should kill himself or leave the country. We must seek to support Nigeria, everything may not seem right and fine but we must find a solution to our challenges.”

“Anything that threatens and creates a problem for Nigeria may cause backwardness for our country for 50 years,” he added. – The Nation.

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