Zuma visit: Gov. Rochas incurably corrupt, gravely desperate for power in 2019 – Hon. Uwanuakwa

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has allegedly been described as lacking in qualities that makes a sound leader.

In a phone chat with our correspondent, Honourable Prince Kingsley Uwanuakwa described Gov. Okorocha as a desperado who thrives in manipulation and corruption.

He said the Imo State governor has an inordinate political ambition that seeks power by all means and at all cost.

Hon. Uwanuakwa said that spending fortunes on erecting a statue for South African President, Jacob Zuma, and lavishly hosting him were not only unnecessary at this point when countless Imo indigenes are groaning in abject poverty and lacking basic amenities but another desperation and deceptive strategy of Governor Rochas.

“Rochas is a desperate person.  He feels that he can trick everyone.  His self-ego to him seems the best, but he does not know that his strategies and desperations are glaring enough for anyone to see.  Inviting and hosting Zuma is not the problem but the motive behind the invitation is the problem.  President Zuma is not a hero in his own country and as such should not have been celebrated elsewhere the way Rochas did.  He practically did nothing to save the lives of countless Nigerians when they were massacred in numbers in his home country.  Celebrating him here amidst allegations of corruptions in his country is like endorsing him against the wishes of South Africans and that could stir another risk to the lives of Nigerians living in that country.”

Hon. Uwanuakwa described the visit as another crafty strategy to launch and launder his {Rochas’} inordinate political ambition.

He described the move as a way to send the message that he has international endorsement and acceptability.

He said that such visit might not be unconnected with the belief that President Jacob Zuma is a political associate of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar who may be vying for Presidency come 2019.

“His desperate move could rightly be linked to his untamed power-mongering. The visit could likely mean that President Zuma should start talking Atiku into accepting him {Rochas} as his running mate come 2019″, Hon. Uwanuakwa alleged.

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