EU prepares three Brexit scenarios as deal deadline looms

The European Union’s Brexit negotiator told the 27 EU states staying on together that he saw three possible scenarios ahead:

This is according to EU diplomats.

The diplomats also reported that Barnier told the EU27 that three issues remain obstacles regarding the talks with the UK:

Speaking earlier on Tuesday, before the meeting of EU ministers, Barnier said it was time London “turned good intentions into a legal text.”

“Even if an agreement has been difficult, more and more difficult, it’s still possible this week,” Barnier said.

“Obviously, any agreement must work for all. The whole of the UK and the whole of the EU. Let me add also that it is high time to turn good intentions in a legal text,” he said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had previously said he wants to reach a Brexit deal at an EU summit on Thursday and Friday to allow for an orderly departure on October 31.

The main problem remains the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and how to prevent it becoming a backdoor into the EU after Brexit.

A border on the island could undermine the 1998 peace agreement that helped end three decades of sectarian violence.

But as Johnson attempts to work out a revised deal with EU negotiators, the Northern Irish party propping up his government back home have said they believe “further work” is needed for a deal.

It specifically noted “gaps” over what the party would agree to.

“We respect [the] fact negotiations are ongoing, therefore cannot give a detailed commentary, but it would be fair to indicate gaps remain and further work is required,” the Democratic Unionist Party said in a statement on Tuesday evening. – Euronews.

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