Imo monarch threatens Okorocha with walking stick aboard flight

Former Governor Rochas Okorocha, on Sunday, aboard a flight o Abuja from Imo airport, entered into a fracas with former chairman of Imo state traditional rulers council, Eze Cletus Ilomuanya.

The incident happened when both boarded from Imo airport en route to Abuja, where the duo of Okorocha and Ilomuanya clashed.

Trouble started when Okorocha told Ilomuanya that he was going to include him (Ilomuanya) in his Presidential campaign for 2023.

A source from the airport who narrated the drama said: “Both of them had a brush on the aircraft and even when they landed at the Abuja airport. What happened was that Ilomuanya was sitting in the business class when Okorocha came in and when Ilomuanya noticed him and asked him (Okorocha) of all the atrocities he committed in Imo state, does he believe that one day he will sit with him in a business class.

“And that does Okorocha believe that he was going to come down low to sit into business class with him and when he was governor he was playing god in Imo state.”

However, the source said: “What heightened the issue was when Okorocha told Illomuanya that he (Okorocha) will include him (Ilomuanya) in his 2023 presidential campaign.”

It was at this point that Illomuanya, “Threatened to use his stick to break Okorocha’s head and that Okorocha was very wicked to have to put Imo backward. Okorocha knew it was very serious and tried to plead with Llomuanya but that did not work out until they even came down at Abuja airport.”

Reacting, Okorocha through his Special Adviser on media, Sam Onwuemeodo, said: “The little-minded element behind the story, wrote, Eze Cletus llomuanya aboard Air Peace flight to Abuja this morning, accosted Sen. Rochas Okorocha sitting next to him, and exploded with so much rage and royal anger against Okorocha.

“If Senator Okorocha had seen his brother llomuanya and chose to sit close to him, that action should be highly commended and applauded.

It showed that Okorocha had behaved not only as a Christian but as a statesman. lt showed that he had nothing personal against llomuanya.

“And if llomuanya had paid Okorocha back or had negatively reacted to such kind gestures, by accosting Okorocha and exploding with so much rage and royal anger”, one would not be wrong to describe such attitudes as disgraceful, unfortunate, condemnable, embarrassing, ungodly, indecent and unexpected from someone who had led the lmo State Council of Traditional Rulers. ln other words, he had shown he was not a good Ambassador of the state

“Part of the report or story was also that llomuanya confronted Okorocha and also descended on Okorocha with his walking stick and Okorocha hastily relocated to another seat. Again, if llomuanya could confront Okorocha to the extent of hitting Okorocha with his walking stick and Okorocha not retaliating, but hastily relocated to another seat, we would only say that Okorocha had acquitted himself very well as a two-term former of lmo state, now a sitting Senator and a worthy Ambassador of the state and the nation. He had shown character worthy of emulation.

“And while llomuanya’s actions, could again be described as disgraceful, unfortunate, regrettable and thuggery on Air. And should be condemned by all men and women of decency.

“The whole scenario had, once more, confirmed Okorocha’s peaceful dispositions. His penchant or love for peace. His principle of life and let others live. And that was why, as lmo Governor for 8 years, he never had any personal confrontation with anyone. He never chased or pursued or chastised his critics. Rather, he loved them llomuanya could also appreciate the maturity Okorocha exhibited and apologise to him since by strength shall no man prevail,” he said. – Vanguard.

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