Let’s talk climate change

By Khoze Clement

The covid-19 pandemic has taken up space in almost every aspect of the Nigerian sectors. Let’s not forget that there are other issues that demand undivided attention such as climate change and it effects on agriculture. Not to mention the growth in the population in the country. How do we feed these huge population?

According to #TheSwedishStockholmEnvironmentalInstitute (SEI) with local researchers #SwedenEmbassyInNigeria on the effects of #ClimateChange on #Agriculture, the report in part stated that farmers are now experiencing unpredictable weather conditions that impact negatively on crop production. Unfortunately, not every farmer is aware of these changing conditions.

The institute is working to ensure that farmers are well informed particularly in Enugu State. How do we replicate this in other States and what other measures do you think will be appropriate to educate farmers? Drop your comments on my social media handle.

#Together Building Today for Tomorrow

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