Serena Williams on Forbes list of richest self-made women

U.S. tennis star Serena Williams, has made history as the first athlete to make Forbes’ list of the World’s Richest Self-Made Women.

According to the publication, the 23-time Grand Slam champion made the list as a result of her estimated fortune of $224m (£177m).

The majority of William’s fortune has been made as a result of her “brain and brand rather than her backhand”, according to Forbes, with the star investing in 34 start-up businesses in the past five years alone.

Opening up about her financial investments, Williams told the publication: “I want to be in the infrastructure. I want to be the brand, instead of just being the face.”

In April, Williams announced she was launching her own venture-capital firm.

Forbes reports that 60 per cent of Williams’ investments so far have gone to companies led by women or people of colour.

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