Another earthquake shakes Italy

An earthquake measuring 4.0 magnitude was reported in the l’Aquila province early on Monday morning, with the tremors also felt in the Marche region.
The quake struck at 4:13am with an epicentre 14km from Amatrice, where a deadly earthquake killed almost 300 people last August. There were no reports of further injuries or damage to infrastructure from Monday morning’s tremor.

According to the geology experts at Ingv, Italy’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, the quake followed a smaller one of 2.5 magnitude at 3.57am in the Macerata region, with its epicentre 3km from Montecavallo.

The August 24th disaster was followed by a series of quakes in October, which were not deadly but left thousands homeless. In January, four more quakes in quick succession coincided with a period of extreme bad weather in the region, leaving some small hamlets isolated. – The Local.

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