Brexit: EU closes door on deal renegotiation with UK

The European Union’s top negotiator for Brexit Michel Barnier has warned that next government in London would not be allowed to renegotiate the terms of a divorce agreement signed between Brussels and current Prime Minister Theresa May.

Barnier said on Thursday that the next conservative-led government in Britain should know that the only option to avoid a disorderly-Brexit at the end of October would be to pass the current deal which May and the EU signed in November.

“If the UK wants to leave in an orderly manner, this treaty is the only option,” said Barnier.

The comments come as most of the candidates who seek replace May as UK prime minister have vowed to take a tough line against the EU and force it change the terms of the current Brexit deal. They believe the EU would bow under pressure and come up with a new solution as it would also be harmed in the case of a no-deal Brexit.

However, Barneir said that would not be the case as repeatedly elaborated by top EU officials after May failed on three occasions to go through the British parliament with her Brexit deal until a previous withdrawal deadline in April to leave the EU.

“If the choice is to leave without a deal – fine. If the choice is to stay in the EU – also fine. But if the choice is still to leave the EU in an orderly manner, this treaty is the only option. This is all that our legal constraints allow,” he said.

Experts have warned that a no-deal Brexit could seriously harm trade and business in UK and cause the economy to shrink up to 10 percent. However, pro-Brexit lawmakers in the ruling Conservative Party believe there would be short-term impacts on the economy but Britain will emerge more powerful in several years time.

May announced on Friday that she will step down as prime minister on June 7, allowing a race in the Tory party to choose a next leader and prime minister. – Press TV.

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