Six juicy secrets we’ve learned from Toke Makinwa on The Buzz

If there’s anything we’ve come to expect from BBN S6: The Buzz it is that hot tea will be spilled.

From celebrity guests dishing on their favourite housemates with host, Toke Makinwa, to the exclusive secret diary room sessions where the housemates rant about their week, each episode gives us a closer look at happenings in the house.

Here are 6 juicy secrets we’ve learned while watching The Buzz on Showmax.

1. Kissing sprees

The ships in the Shine Ya Eye season may have refused to hit the high seas, but it hasn’t stopped the housemates from locking lips, among other things. In episode 3 of The Buzz, the now evicted Arin revealed that she kissed Boma. She also shared that she kissed Cross and slept on Jay Paul’s bed after the Saturday night party. In her words, “It was a good night”, but it seems to us that it was a wild night as well.

Other kissing sprees that have been revealed on The Buzz are Angel and JMK kissing Jay Paul, also, JMK and Sakay kissing Cross. Then Angel complains about Boma being a bad kisser and getting tired of having him on her bed. Drama, drama, drama!

2. Surprise feelings

If anyone has done a good job of re-enacting the phrase ‘I belong to no one’ in the Shine Ya Eye season, it would be Saskay. The 21-year-old has managed to keep both of her love interests, Jay Paul and Cross, firmly within her grasp while remaining noncommittal. This is why we were left shook after she revealed that she’d started to develop feelings for Cross in the secret diary room.

In episode 5 of The Buzz, Saskay shared that she actually feels something for Cross and was “kind of sad and mad’’ that Cross was avoiding and snubbing her.

3. A heavy bomb 

Angel might be the known flirt in the house but it appears that the now evicted Maria got up to some groping in the house as well. In episode 5 of the show, Saga dropped a bomb on us: he revealed that Maria grabbed his privates. We definitely did not see that coming, but in true Saga style he laughed it off, saying, “At least my dick made me proud’’.

4. What you see is not always what you get

When JMK entered the house, we expected a whole lot of fire and drama from the 23-year-old, especially when her old tweets, where she trolled past housemates, surfaced. But as it turns out, that girl never made it to the BBNaija house. A teary JMK revealed in her secret diary session that she was finding it difficult to settle in the house. “It’s harder than I thought,” she shared.

Hopefully, she’s doing better now that she’s been evicted and reunited with her loved ones.

5. Shayo na bastard

TV host Femi Daniel said, while he was a guest on The Buzz, that, “Once there’s liquor in Rose, we see that,” referring to Liquorose’s penchant for acting out when she’s drunk. However, it appears that it’s mostly been an act for the dancer.

In episode 7, Liquorose admitted that she fakes being high on alcohol most times so as to get some information. “For some weird reason I fake being high because I just want to hear some things, get some information out of some people,” she shared.

6. Tega/Boma-gate

Perhaps one of the biggest revelations yet on The Buzz has been Tega and Boma sharing more than a kiss under the covers.

Prior to her now infamous hookup with Boma, Tega had revealed in her secret diary room session in episode 7 that, “If I were to be single, I would have a relationship with Saga”. We were still reeling over that revelation when Tega hit the sheets with Boma. Talk about an entanglement.

BBN S6: The Buzz streams exclusively on Showmax, with new episodes available every Tuesday and Saturday from 7pm.

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