This is why I quit social media — Mr. Ibu

Popular comic actor, John Okafor, a.k.a  Mr Ibu, has every reason to reminisce on the costly prices he has paid  since he came into limelight, saying that ‘ fame comes with a lot of prices which I have paid dearly.”

Mr Ibu spoke against the backdrop of last weekend’s accusation by a lady that she had  a one-night stand with the comic actor. Devastated by the accusation, the comic actor has recalled how hackers made him to quit social media.

Recounting his story, Ibu said his Facebook account was once hacked by impostors so also were his Twittle handle and email address. This ugly experience, the actor said made him not to be active again on social media.

“Hackers made me to quit social media. They hacked my Facebook acount, my Twitter handle and my email. I am no longer active on social media. As I m talking to you now, I don’t have an email address. I had to shut down my email because of hackers,” he lamented.

He recalled that some time ago, somebody hacked into his Facebook account, which he used to insult a  seating governor. “I had to publish a disclaim in a national newspaper to  exonerate  myself from blames” he said.  “ There were also instances were my enemies pretend to be my fans. One of such experiences was when my fans besieged me at a function.

And before I knew what was happening, somebody in their mix almost made me to pass out. The person was busy hitting me with something like an iron on the head and I was bleeding profusely. I had to escape from the crowd and till date, I’m still feeling the pain on my head.”

“Another ugly experience was when I starred in a movie,” I stole a fowl.” The villagers said I had t o go naked and  walk round the village square.  The crowd was singing and following me, and in the process, somebody used the opportunity of the scene to trash me mercilessly from the back, I couldn’t see any more.

I managed to complete the scene but I suffered the effects of that trashing for four days.  The  next  experience occurred in Liberia, where a fan removed my cap and flogged me with his iron belt across my face. I shouted and asked him why he attacked me with his belt. He responded, “the love I have for you is too much.” Then, I replied, “ Must you kill me because you love me. If this is the only way to express love, then how would hate look like.”


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