Ethnic, tribal threats not healthy for Nigeria – Rawlings

Former President of the Federal Republic of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings has advised Nigerians to stop threatening one another on tribal and ethnic grounds, saying such amounted to the invitation of warfare which is not only unhealthy for the country but a disincentive for national political development.

Rawlings said given Nigeria’s multi ethic and tribal configuration, tribal or ethnic threats were a recipe for social disharmony.

Expressing his disdain for the build up of such threats, Rawlings said he is not comfortable with such negative development, rearing its ugly head in Nigeria urging agitators hiding under tribal and ethnic considerations to forthwith desist from such practices.

Rawlings spoke on Wednesday in Lagos after attending the 12th Annual Lecture organised by the University of Ibadan Alumni Association (UIAA), Ekiti State branch.

He urged Nigerians to stop the ethnic war and help one another so as to foster harmonious co-existence.

Rawlings advised Nigerians to consider electing people with leadership integrity into public offices.

He said as much as Nigerians desire performance based leadership, the people could sustain good leadership if they vote rightly.

Rawlings said the challenge of governance in Africa borders on leadership without character.

He said: “ By character, I mean distinctive qualities that overcome the challenges we have as constituencies and organisations. Let’s learn to be gracious. I am sad over the mean behaviour of my fellow black man. African countries are plagued with several challenges such as agriculture, deforestation, bad economy, governance, education amongst others.”

He also said he is worried by the classification of Nigeria and Ghana in terms of high rate of corruption by Transparency International (TI).


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