Peace Mass Transit Chairman gets honour for returning N2.2bn

The Chairman of Peace Mass Transit, Dr Sam Onyishi, has been awarded the 2019 Business Integrity of the Year award by Hallmark Newspaper for returning N2.2bn that was mistakenly paid into his bank account.

The transport firm said in a statement that the award ceremony took place in Lagos last Sunday.

Onyishi said he requested $3m from his bank only to be credited with the sum of $10m.

He said, “I wanted to take $3m and they paid $10m instead. I called them and informed my bank that the amount they paid me was more than the amount I requested. They told me that the extra $7m was my money.

“I immediately sent an email to the bank in Enugu which replied that the money belonged to me. I replied that how could I own $7m and not know about it?”

“I made enquiries and they told me that I should wait until when it was time for banks to do reconciliation, they would discover whether the fault was from my bank, the Central Bank or Unity Bank (the receiving bank).

“I waited for a whole month and no one called me. I told the devil that he was a deceiver and a liar. He knows that I need money now that is why this thing is happening.”

He said he was tempted to keep the money but refused to yield to such temptation.

According to him,  life is all about integrity and it means standing for what is right and upright even when one is alone.

He stressed that the nation needed people driven by integrity

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