Union Bank Education Fair kicks off Wednesday

Union Bank of Nigeria education fair will kick off on Wednesday in demonstration of the bank’s commitment to invest in Nigeria’s future.

”We have an important role to play in the future of Nigeria and we want to invest in that future”, the bank stated on its website.

Speaking to journalists in Lagos Friday, Head of Corporate Communications of the bank, Ogochukwu Ekezie-Ekaidem, said the fair was in fulfilment of the bank’s resolve to drive private sector development activities.

“Education is a critical sector for development but is not yet what we want it to be”, she added.

The fair, which has the theme ‘Edu 360’, is designed to provide a platform to facilitate discussion by stakeholders on how to improve the education sector, the bank’s spokesman said.

Highlighting the activities lined up during the fair, she said opportunities would be provided for parents through seminars, teachers would have training opportunities and students would have lots of workshops and other activities.

A central goal for the fair, Ekezie-Ekaidem further stated, is to prepare children for the evolving digital age.

“It is the goal of Union Bank to have Nigerian children move on with the rest of the world, equipped to exploit opportunities unfolding in the digital age”, she said.

Union Bank is stepping back into the forefront to take its place in driving the future of its industry and the Nigerian economy. The bank has gone through a business transformation process in the past five years.

Its new management engaged the strategy for transformation in 2013 and rebranded to wear a leaner, faster outlook in 2015.

This indicated the underlying customer service transformation that has taken place, the bank said.

Speaking on the elevated customer service quality the bank has attained, Ekezie-Ekaidem said, Union Bank now offers the same or better quality service standard than any other bank in the industry.

This year, the bank introduced ‘Uncle Thomas’ campaign designed to clear the doubts over many things that hinder people in Nigeria’s business space.

The bank’s image maker said the campaign has been well received, which is in affirmation that the bank is back on track with a leaner –faster, business friendly disposition ready to make things better.  

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