Jamil and Deborah

Azman Air disowns Dangote’s son-in-law, Pilot Abubakar, for defending Deborah’s killing

Azman Air on Sunday denounced Aliko Dangote’s son-in-law, Captain Jamil Abubakar for defending the killing of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto over alleged blasphemy.

Abubakar is also the son of a former Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar.

He said the punishment meted out to blasphemers in most religions is death and urged people to respect the religion of others.

He tweeted, “In Islam we respect the Injil, Taura, Zabur, we were never taught to disrespect any of the books, or any of the prophets From Adam to Muhammad SAW and the Quran.

“The punishment for blasphemy is death! in most religions including Christianity. Respect people’s religion. It’s simple!”

But Azman Air, in a statement said Abubakar was no longer with the airline as he operated his last flight with the airline on 21 December, 2019.

The airline added that Abubakar resigned his appointment formally afterwards.

The airline tweeted: “UPDATE: It is important for the General Public to note that Capt Jamil Abubakar operated his last flight with @AzmanAir on 21st Dec. 2019 and resigned his appointment FORMALLY afterwards Kindly desist from contrary reports fueling a negative impression about this.”

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