Brexit supporters losing confidence in Theresa May – Poll

British voters in support of the country’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) are losing faith in Prime Minister Theresa May and the ruling Conservative party’s ability to lead the Brexit negotiations, according to a new poll.

The poll, conducted by Opinium and commissioned by the Observer, showed Sunday that only 32 percent of leave voters trusted the Tories with the job, the lowest level of confidence since January 2017.

Meanwhile, 21 percent of the participants in the survey said the Labour Party would do a better job in handling the negotiations under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

The 11-point lead that May’s party holds over Labour is the lowest margin between the two parties on this issue so far this year.

Brexiters in the cabinet and Leave voters have been increasingly complaining that May has set a course for a soft Brexit that could see Britain stay close to EU customs arrangements and regulations.

This is against one of the key Brexit demands that was breaking the UK free from EU’s financial regulations.

The Conservatives have also seen their lead in overall intention to vote cut in half since last month, winning only 42 percent of the vote versus Labour’s 40 percent.

Corbyn has also managed to improve his personal ratings, coming within 10 points of May in terms of favourability to become PM, down from the 13-point lead May had last month.

The poll showed a growing public interest towards staying in the EU’s single market, one of Labour and Corbyn’s main demands.

Currently 38 percent of the voters prefer staying in the single market compared to the 34 percent who said the opposite.

The majority of British voters thought it was not necessary to hold another referendum on the final deal between the UK and the EU as 48 percent said there should be, while 38 percent said there should not be.

Meanwhile, half (50 percent) of participants thought May should resign as prime minister and hand over the job to someone with a greater chance of success. – Press TV.

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