With me as President, Nigeria will conquer banditry – Tinubu pleedges

The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, pledged yesterday to crush banditry and secure life and property once more in the country, if elected.

Tinubu, speaking at a meeting in Minna with APC delegates from Niger State on this month’s primaries of the party, said he would not only change the calendar of bandits but also “conquer them.”

“We will not give up on banditry, we will not run away. Bandits will not take over our lands,” he said.

He added: “With me as President, forget bandits. It is now time to change the calendar of bandits, to tell them that there is no business good in killing people, no matter how much you make.

“We will eliminate all of them. We will conquer them. We will beat them. That is why I am out to run for President of Nigeria.”

Citing his achievements as a two-term governor of Lagos State, his background in the private sector and knowledge of Nigeria, he said: “I am the only one in this race. I don’t know about the others.

“I am running for the Presidency of Nigeria. I don’t know where the others are running to.

“I know the road to prosperity, safety, clean environment, development of our nation and infrastructure because I have done it all in Lagos State.

“The others do not know the road; don’t follow them. The only person you should follow is the person who knows the road. Follow me, I know the road and I will not mislead you.

“They do not have my brains but I do have enough brains.

“Where are their track records? How many councillors, local government chairmen and chairpersons, members of house of assembly, House of Representatives or Senators have they produced? I have produced them.

“Now, they are pointing the wrong fingers at me. I do not worry about them. God will forgive them because they are blind.

“They claim I am too old, that I cannot stand without shaking, that my legs are bad. That was why when the Governor asked me to sit, I said I would stand.

“A president’s job is not to climb mountains or do wrestling or carry cement; it is to think and perform with his brain.

“We are not looking for someone to fight a WWE wrestling match; we are looking for a thinker to provide security for us; we are looking for a doer who will look at economic opportunities and turn them around to prosperity; someone who knows the way to the education of our children.

“It is not about what we will eat, because at this age, we cannot overeat. We must leave our children and grandchildren with enough opportunities and prosperity. We have what it takes, we have the smartness. I have it better than others.”

On the number of people who are seeking the APC Presidential ticket, Tinubu said: “Many people are running, they do not know what they are running for. But I know I am running to be the President of Nigeria.”

Tinubu also promised that his government would give women ample opportunities as the time has come for the women folk to be more involved  in governance.

Asked by Niger State Governor Abubakar Sani Bello who their choice for the presidential ticket was, the audience chorused “Tinubu!”

Also speaking, former Governor of Borno State, Senator Kassim Shettima, said Tinubu is synonymous with Nigeria’s democracy, saying his role in the evolution of the current democratic process was difficult to be matched by any other politician.

He said the former Lagos State governor has all the attributes a leader needs to develop Nigeria

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