Why ‘Ambitions’ should be on your Showmax watch-list

Drama is the name of the game in Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) series, Ambitions, now streaming on Showmax.

The show centres around two rivalries. One is between former best friends Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster (Robin Givens) and Amara Hughes (Essence Atkins). The conflict primarily stems from Amara’s marriage to Titus Hughes (Kendrick Cross), a man who used to be Stephanie’s boyfriend while they were all in Spellman College.

The second rivalry is between two powerful families: the Carlisles, who own a major law firm, and the Purifoys, who own a large pharmaceutical corporation.

Set in America’s black capital, Atlanta, the show explores corruption, urban gentrification, racism, and the American opioid crisis, among other contemporary issues.

If you’re looking for a new show to add to your Showmax binge list, here are four reasons why Ambitions should make the cut.

1. It’s a good, old-fashioned soap opera

From family rivalry to clandestine affairs and steamy sex scenes, Ambitions is rife with drama and intrigue. The show also has several subplots that are all intertwined and develop very quickly in true soap opera style.

2. There’s lots of great fashion

Stephanie is a wealthy and powerful woman in the show, and she always looks the part. Whether she is donning a power suit or playing dress-up on the red carpet at one of her numerous events, she always gives us an outfit to remember. This is often thanks to Bella Tru (Erica Page), an emerging Atlanta designer and Stephanie’s personal designer, who also provides noteworthy fashion moments on the show.

3. It’s from the producers of Girl’s Trip and Think Like A Man

Ambitions was co-created and executive produced by Will Packer, who is behind hit movies like Think Like A Man, Girl’s Trip and the Oscar-nominated Straight Outta Compton.

4. It boasts an ensemble cast

The show boasts several notable actors, particularly in black movie circles, like Robin Givens (Boomerang, Riverdale), Brely Evans (Being Mary Jane) and Emmy nominee Brian J. White (Stomp the Yard, Ray Donovan).

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