Bauchi govt denies ghost workers on state payroll

Bauchi state government has dismissed as false the purported list of ‘Ghost Workers’ allegedly on the payroll of the government.

In a statement in Bauchi on Tuesday, the Special Assistant to Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar on Media and Strategy, Ali M. Ali, informed that the list of ‘Ghost workers’ is another round of spreading falsehood in cyberspace.

According to the statement, the rumour emanated from some people who made a career in misrepresenting the government of MA Abubakar.

“This is not the first time this list had sauntered across social media with its outlandish claims of ‘ghost workers ‘ being in the employ of BASG.”

“The motive, accordingly, was to siphon public resources. Very laughable. An executive intent on pilfering the treasury need not inflate the workforce. Secondly,it is laughable that a governor that spent months verifying the state labour force will turn out to inflate same.”

‘The list’ also has names that are incredible and curiously all of them having identical BVN and bank account numbers obtainable only in its imaginary  world. We had caused to address  this ‘list’ in  the past when Speaker Dogara raised the issue just before the election. We are responding again and hopefully for the last time.”

“No such Ghost workers are on the payroll of the Government of MA Abubakar. As a propaganda piece, it might have worked before the polls but to rehash and present it as new is falsehood too many,” the statement added.

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