Loss of confidence in national security pushing people to self-help – Former Police IG Okiro

A former Inspector-General of Police, IGP, Sir Mike Okiro, yesterday lamented that loss of confidence in the general security apparatus in the country was  pushing people to think of alternative means of defending themselves.

The former IGP also advised the federal government to look into agitations and grievances of groups like the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to nip in the bud some of the problems escalating the security situation in the country.

Speaking in Abuja, Sir Okiro, who was former chairman of Police Service Commission, PSC, bemoaned the worsening security situation in the South East and called on the government to put every necessary measures to restore peace in the region.

Asked to comment on the recent security developments in the zone, he said:  “What is happening in South East is of much concern to some of us from that part of the country.

“That had been a peaceful place before this time, when you are talking about disturbances in the North East, North West, South West and parts of North Central.  That it has now  reached South East is of much concern to some of us from that part of the country.

“So I think the government and security agencies should put their act together and see how they can control the escalating insecurity in that part of the country.”

Fielding question on what could be responsible for the worsening security situation in the country, the former IGP said:  “So many things are responsible. You have the cattle herdsmen, you have IPOB, you have the Amotekun and all sorts of groups trying to profess one grievance or the other.

“I think the government should look into all these problems and find out what they are and nip them in the bud to avoid escalation, to avoid the loss of materials and human lives.”

On what he felt was  responsible for the IPOB coming out with its Eastern Security Network, ESN, Okiro said:  “I think the loss of confidence or the failure of general security apparatus is giving room to people thinking of how to defend themselves.

“My people say it is only a tree that is standing on the way a farmer or hunter that will be very good for walking stick and when the person is coming home, the tree remains there but if a human being’s security is threatened, the person will do something for himself and that is what is giving room to groups, coming up here and there to provide their own protection.”

On his advice to the government on how to go about the security matters, he said:  “My advice to government is that it should look into the grievances of these groups and properly equip the security agencies to stand up to the task of providing security for Nigerians.” – Vanguard.

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