Metropolitan Networks promises cutting-edge IT solutions in Nigeria

United Kingdom-based Information and Technology firm, Metropolitan Networks, is entering Nigeria with a promise to offer cutting edge solutions.

Founded in 2003 in London, to provide quality customer-centred network support, and later security and managed service, the Managing Director, Ashok Thomas, in an interaction with journalists in Lagos, said the firm has the experience and capacity to meet the needs of organisations both large and small in the country.

Thomas said the advantage of Metropolitan Networks’ vast experience in the IT Industry will help improve the connectivity, efficiency and security of businesses.

According to him, the firm would offer advanced IT security services, managed services, hosting, infrastructure, and server connections for businesses in Nigeria.

He said each business sector has specific requirements, which the firm is equipped to support, stressing that the vast resources both human and material in Nigeria are potential to be developed and explored.

According to him, the country has what it takes to rule Africa and impact the world greatly, especially with the right and adequate policies from government at all levels.

Thomas added that Metropolitan Networks plans to grow and develop further with Nigeria, saying it has made impact through projects done in Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and Tobaggo, and a host of others.

“We have a lot of experience with service providers in the U.K., the Caribbean.

As an IT Integrator, we bring operational efficiency and innovation to business organisations. The intention is to replicate that in Nigeria and the plan is already mapped out to achieve this,” he stated.

Thomas, who said they are in the country for a long term, noted that Metropolitan would want to play huge roles in Lagos smartcity projects.

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