Peter Obi: MASSOB calls Ekweremadu, Nwobodo Hausa/Fulani political slaves

Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has slammed the duo of the former Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu and ex-Governor of old Anambra State, Senator Jim Nwobodo for saying that the presidential candidate of the Labour Party and erstwhile governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi would never become the president of Nigeria.

Senator Ekweremadu and Nwobodo had allegedly said that Ndigbo will never vote for Peter Obi in the forthcoming 2023 presidential election

But Senator Ekweremadu has come out to say that at no time did he attack Mr. Obi.

He urged the public to discountenance such reports as the work of mischief-makers, who deliberately twisted his innocuous statement out of context.

Earlier, the Biafra movement which condemned the statement described both Ekweremadu and Nwobodo as political slaves of Hausa/Fulani of northern oligarchy.

In statement on Saturday, the National Secretary of MASSOB, Comrade Ugwuoke Ibem Ugwuoke said that it was unfortunate that learned men like Senators Ekweremadu and Nwobodo would be used against their own people to say that the South East would not vote Peter Obi.

The statement reads: “It’s very unfortunate that learned men Ike Ekweremadu and Jim Nwobodo will be used against their own people to say that South East will not vote for Mr Peter Obi. Who even made them the spokespersons for Ndigbo?  They are political slaves of Hausa/Fulani northern oligarchy.

“Ike Ekweremadu and Jim Nwobodo should be ashamed of themselves for been slaves who couldn’t even aspire to be the president even when it is the turn of Ndigbo to produce the president of Nigeria, they ran away and want to decide where Ndigbo will vote.”

MASSOB observed that Ike Ekweremadu had forgotten so soon what happened to him few years ago in faraway Germany, how angry Biafrans dealt with him.

“MASSOB is not surprised over Ike Ekweremadu’s action because we know that he can sell his brothers because of his greed for power; his aim is to return to the Senate, and the only way to get the ticket is to attack his Igbo brother.”

But Ekweremadu said he had no reason whatsoever to attack Obi’s ambition, noting that both of them enjoyed a good relationship as brothers and friends, who were both entitled to their political opinions and pursuits.

He said: “My attention has been drawn to the work of mischief makers, who claimed that I attacked my friend and brother, Mr. Peter Obi, over his presidential ambition. This is far from the truth, as there was no reason to do so in the first place. We are both adults and entitled to our respective political pursuits and inclinations.

“I have also read a statement by one Ugwuoke Ibem Ugwuoke, gloating over the unfortunate attack on my person when I spent several days in Germany a few years ago at my personal cost to meet with several foreign investors for the betterment of Igboland at the invitation of Ndigbo in Germany and with the full knowledge of several Igbo Governors and leaders.

“I have also read his wild insinuations and misrepresentations of my person over my political dispositions, when in actual sense I have stuck out my neck in defence of Igbo interest on a good number of occasions.”

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