Probe: We found no evidence of underage voting in Kano – INEC

The Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) has brought to an end controversy surrounding alleged under age votings in Kano as the body team of panellists says, “we could not trace any evidence of underage votings in Kano”.

The Chairman of the committee, Abubakar Nahuce, said after their findings Friday that they could not traces any evidence of underage votings during the conduct of last local government elections or before it.

The Chairman explained that INEC set up the committee to unrevealed the speculation and several outcries of underage votings shortly after the last local government elections in the state.

However the panel said from discussion and investigations within all those that participated in the conduct of the elections, they gathered that no evidence of underage votings was recorded.

Nahuce hinted that they have looked at all available evidence’s that would give them clue of underage votings but to no avail because non is coming out to signifies that there was underage votings in the state.

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