Sermon on the Mount: Mbaka’s wake up call

By Reuben Onyishi

Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has over the years been involved in prophetic utterances, especially as it concerns governments. The Enugu-based Reverend father, a priest by ordination, is a prophet by calling. A prophet is a man raised from among men by God to speak the mind of God to men. The prophetic ministry is meant to direct the people in line with the will of God. The bible records that at every point in the life of Israel, they prospered under the direction of prophets. God rules in the affairs of men and so is interested in who leads the people. God raised prophets like Elijah who often spoke truth to power fearlessly and any time leadership failed to pay heed to prophetic directions, they paid dearly for it. Mbaka has many times spoken the mind of God over the governance of Nigeria and some states and many of his prophecies had come to pass. In 2014, the Catholic cleric spoke about God’s rejection of Jonathan, the then Nigerian President, and the anointing on Buhari to take over from him.That prophecy came to pass. He recently prophesied that Hope Uzodinma against all odds would emerge the governor of Imo State and it came to pass. These and many more are evident of the fact that Mbaka ostensibly is a prophet of God. In the book of Deuteronomy, the question is asked: how do we know a prophet sent by God? The answer readily comes: when he speaks and it comes to pass.

Nonetheless, we have got to recognize the fact that prophets are human and not spirit. We, therefore, should be able to know when the Spirit is speaking through them and when they are speaking on their own. Part of why some utterances of prophets do not materialize is not their problem. It is rather ours. We must like the children of Issachar understand the timing of prophecy, that is, the time when God is speaking and when man is ministering, that is when the Spirit is speaking and when the flesh is talking

Communication is an art and a prophet is supposed to be a good communicator. He should be able to convey the message of God to the people unambiguously. Therefore, language is expected to be an effective tool in the hand of the prophet less he should miscarry the prophecy and deliver to the people a travesty of it. Moses knew the implication of effective communication in the prophetic ministry when he told God he could not go to Pharoah because he was a stamerer whereupon God asked him, ‘Who created the mouth?’ By implication, with God effective communication is a possibility, though God gave him Aaron to speak on his behalf.

Fr. Mbaka a few days ago in one of his sermons delivered on the Adoration Ministry’s mount at Umuchigbo, Enugu asked President Buhari to resign or be impeached. He said he was merely conveying the message from God. The fearless cleric went on to demur the situation of the nation characterized by economic hardship and insecurity. Mbaka passionately lamented the killings being perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen and unknown gunmen all over the country and asked the president to resign for failing to uphold the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to which he swore under oath to protect. He said it did not matter that he had prophesied Buhari would be elected president; that after all Samuel anointed Saul king over Israel and it was the same Samuel who conveyed God’s rejection of Saul to him;that his speaking the mind of God concerning Buhari’s election did not mean that if God sent him to ask Buhari to resign, as He had done, then he would hesitate. Anyone who listened to that message and watched the video clip would see the fearless forthrightness with which Mbaka delivered it.

Fr. Mbaka’s message was at some point misconstrued by detractors of the Enugu State Government and some political jobbers who went on social media feasting on it. They did not understand that Fr. Mbaka was in commendation asking the Enugu State Government to keep up the good work and do more. That was why the man of God in his following sermon made it very clear Ugwuanyi’s administration has done exceptionally well in the urbanisation of rural areas.

In the second sermon, the cleric preached on fathers’ Sunday mass, Fr. Mbaka said inter alia: “If you have been to rural communities, so many places in Nsukka, Imilike side, Adani side and many other places even in my community and other rural communities across the state, you will understand that Governor Ugwuanyi is a blessing to us. Even here, we can see how he constructed roads through thick forest. I am not saying an existing road, but constructing roads through the forest and even the surroundings. He is a good man….”

Father Mbaka recognized Governor Ugwuanyi as the father of Enugu State and prayed the almighty God to continue to bless and strengthen him more unto good works. Those who have ears let them hear what the Spirit is saying to the church: UGWUANYI IS A GOOD MAN.

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