Pantami regrets support for Al Qaeda, Taliban

Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Ali Isa Pantami, says he regretted some controversial comments he made supporting Al Qaeda and Taliban, saying he was a teenager when he made such utterances.

Pantami has come under fire as video of his utterances supporting Boko Haram and other terrorist groups hit social media,

But the minister, while answering questions during his daily Ramadan lecture at Annor Mosque in Abuja on Saturday, said for 15 years, he have moved round the country while educating people about the dangers of terrorism.

He said he had travelled to Katsina, Gombe, Borno, Kano States and Difa in Niger Republic to preach against terrorism.

Daily Trust quoted Pantami as saying that “I have engaged those with Boko Haram ideologies in different places. I have been writing pamphlets in Hausa, English and Arabic. I have managed to bring back several young persons who have derailed from the right path.”

The minister added that some of the comments he made some years ago that were generating controversies now were based on his understanding of religious issues at the time, and that he had changed several positions taken in the past based on new evidence and maturity.

According to him, he was was young when he made some of the comments; as he was in university, and that some of the comments were made when he was a teenager.

The minister said he started preaching when he was 13 and that many scholars and individuals did not understand some of international events and therefore took some positions based on their understanding, adding that some have come to change their positions later.

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  1. Isa PATAMI has no moral right to remain on that seat for another one day. Whether he made the comments as a teenager or as an infant, he has poisoned the minds of multitudes who have taken arms against his own fatherland as a result of his romance with terrorists. Today, the chicken has come home to roost.

    By the way, why is Patami trying to justify his actions? Until the video surfaced online, he NEVER accepted that he had anything to do with BH or any terrorist group. Now, he’s trying to eat his words. He should know that he cannot eat his cake and still have it.

    Patami’s sympathy for terrorists is well documented and ingrained. His present position as minister of a very strategic ministry makes things worse for the country. It is dangerous for Nigeria as it will give him all the opportunity and power to expose the country to the evil people by a simple pressing of the botton.


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