Parents get counsel on how to raise sexually pure children

Parents and guardians of students of Ferscoat International schools have been counselled on how to consciously raise sexually pure children even in a sexually perverted environment such as what prevails these days.

The parents in a seminar organised by the school authorities to sensitise them on how to recognise some of the challenges confronting parenting these days were lectured by the facilitator, Pastor Ebenezer Diyaolu of the Sexual Purity Campaign Initiative who spoke on the dangers of allowing their children and wards to follow trends in the society without a strict control.

The facilitator who has taken the Campaign for sexual purity to many school across the country gave the parent insights to problems caused by the lockdown which enabled many students to go online for lectures and in the process were introduced to many damaging influences which have continued to affect the psyche of the younger ones thus creating problems for educators and their teachers in schools.

He explained that the problem is further aggravated due to the fact that some parents have no time to monitor their wards particularly their level of exposure to the internet, a trend which started after the long period of the lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Dwelling more on what to do, Pastor Diyaolu told the parents to deliberately monitor the programmes their children follow on television even through cartoons meant for children urging  them to teach their children sex education in order to prepare them to confront the sexual corruption in the world today.

He charged the parents to deliberately push their wards and children into their glorious destiny through deliberate sexual enlightenment rather that leaving everything to the schools, teachers and educators who he said also need the total collaboration of the parents.

He also gave the parents vital keys to deliberately groom their children in relating with the outside world so that their sexual purity can be guaranteed even as they interact with their peers in future.

He also emphasised the dangers associated with sexual perverseness in the society and the need for parents who wants to enjoy rest in life and on their children to embrace the efforts critical to achieving a glorious future for their wards and children.

The school had hosted similar seminars for the students, the effect of which was tremendous given the number of them who came out to repent of their evil ways to which they were connected during the lock down period and the influence of social media on them.

The school Principal, Mr Fred Okpata who declared the seminar opened said that the interaction with the students during the seminar made the school authority to invite the parents also to hear the outcome of what they discovered and how they can collectively confront the situation in order to positively influenced the lives of the students a they grow to become adults.

The Director of Studies, Pastor Felix Okpata who also addressed the parents charged them to show interest in issues concerning their wards and children always adding that the school is embarking on the series of seminars in order to invest in their students for them to become worthy ambassadors of the school in subsequent years.

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