UBTH releases woman detained for 6 months over N600K hospital bill

A young woman detained by University of Benin Teaching Hospital[UBTH] for owing N600,000 in unpaid bills, has been released.

Bidemi Taiwo was released Saturday, following the intervention of Benin-based lawyer, Jefferson Uwoghiren, who made her case public and declared that poverty should never be a crime.

Uwoghiren said it is an offence to detain a patient in hospital on account of inability to pay the cost of treatment.

“Nobody, I repeat, nobody is permitted to detain a debtor, over a civil debt, without the order of court, which is unlawful.

“The management of UBTH, Benin City, is liable in law, for false imprisonment, emotional distress and agony, in a civil action, and of kidnapping, assault and breach of public peace in a criminal charge”.

Bidemi was admitted in the hospital on 23 March for a cesarean section.

The poor father paid the hospital N200,000, to get the operation done.

But the lady lost the child.

After the operation, UBTH told the man to pay an additional N600,000.

The man however could not come with the money.

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