Why I became an actress – Gloria Young

Veteran Nollywood actress Gloria Anozie Young has revealed that despite her love for writing, stress and hard life made her quit journalism for acting.

Gloria who made fame as an actress studied journalism, graduating with an Associate Degree from the El-Centro College, Dallas, Texas, and even practiced for a while before veering into acting.

“I worked with Daily Times, I worked with Classique magazine,” she recalled in a chat with The Nation.

“All I wanted to do was write, but I left journalism because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I still do my writing. I still love history. I’m still an artiste. I still prouce radio plays, radio progammes.”

Speaking further on why she left journalism, she said, “I got tired of walking up and down Lagos streets and my shoes were ‘chopping.’

“Jokes apart really, I didn’t want to continue. It (journalism) wasn’t giving me the satisfaction I thought I would have from it. All I wanted to do was write.”

The actress came into prominence in 1992 when she acted in ‘Glamour Girls’, a movie some Nigerians criticised as ‘soft porn.’ She then wedded fellow actor, Norbert Young, over a decade ago and has not had any scandal surrounding her name. She attributes this to being careful so as not to ‘soil’ both her family’s and her husband’s family name.

“I don’t know about being involved in any scandal,” she said.

“I think I’m being extra-careful. I’m just being me, a total Nigerian to the core. We have our conservative side and I respect that a lot.  I respect the family that I come from and the family that I am married to. I try not to mess around with the names that I answer. I answer my father’s name and my husband’s name as a compound name.”

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