1,356 federal directors fail promotion exams

The Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) has released the 2014 promotion examination conducted for the directorate levels in the Federal Civil Service, with only 1, 917 of the candidates, who sat for the examination coming out successful.

Chairman of the commission, Deaconess Joan Ayo, who briefed newsmen in Abuja, on Monday, said a total of 3,273 sat for the examination and that those, who passed had already been promoted.

She said the 1,356 candidates, who failed to make it this time, would have to wait till next year to try their hands on the examination again.

According to her, the exercise would be conducted annually to discourage stagnation in the civil service.

Ayo, however, said this year’s result was an improvement against the 2013 performance, saying “a total of 3,273 candidates participated in the 2014 promotion/evaluation exercise, as against 4,493 candidates in 2013. Out of this number, 1,917 candidates were successfully promoted, as against 2,672 in 2013.

Candidates were drawn from the administrative officers’ pool of the office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Foreign Affairs Ministry, offices of the Accountant-General, Auditor-General and Surveyor- General of the Federation and professionals in other agencies of government, as well as state counsels in the Ministry of Justice.

The FCSC chairman said that Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Nigeria Institute of Management alongside proven retired and serving officers served as resource persons to set and mark the “professional questions, while FCSC commissioners set and marked the civil service and current affairs questions.”

She stated that to maintain the integrity of the process, strict measures were employed, including the introduction of biometric accreditation by the Department of State Security, customised answer sheets, invitation of the police, Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) and the National Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) for monitoring

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  1. Alhaji AbdurRasheed

    Updated REJOINDER: 1,356 federal directors fail promotion exams

    I disagree with Lady Chairman of Federal Civil Service Commission of, 1356 Federal Directors failed 2014 Promotion Exams.

    This report which was published on social and International medias can disgrace and tarnish the good image and respect of the Nigerian Workers and Nigerian Labour Force and showdown on the Federal Directorate Cadre as if most us can not pass simple exams and also may possibly ridicule our dear Leaders of Nigerian Labour, Like:

    1. Mr President and Commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, who has confidence on the Nigerian Workers, especially the Federal Directorate Cadre.

    2. The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Alhaji Namadi Sambo

    3. The Nigerian Senate President, Mr David Mark.

    4. The Speaker of Nigerian House of Representative; Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal.

    5. The Secretary to the Government of the Federation; Pius Anyem Pius.

    6. The New Head of Service of the Federation; Mr Danladi Kefasi

    My reasons of disagreeing with FCSC Lady Chairman’s Publication are:

    a} I was the Head of Accounts of the Federal Civil Service Commission Abuja between 2004 and 2005 and in 2005 the former Chairman of the Commission Alhaji Ahmed Algazzali approved more than N100 Million {One Hundred Million Naira} for me to pay the landlords of the rented quarters of
    the Hon. Commissioners residences Abuja and discovered nothing to show that, the Commission had rented houses for any Hon. Commissioners, because, there were no Vital Documents, like Rent Agreements, No body signed any document to bide the commission, no period of the house rents etc, all the payments looked doubtful, not in order and contrary to the financial regulation, therefore i refused to process the approval for the payments of the landlords. I reported the matter to my Director of Finance and Supply Mr Ade and the Ag Permanent Secretary Alhaji
    Yakubu Lawan and showed them my observations.

    The Ag Perm Sec. Alhaji lawan told me to form a committee to scrutinize the documents approved by the former FCSC Chairman Algzzali. I formed a committee comprising, Accountants, Auditors and Admin. Officers, all Staff of the Commission which was headed by an Accountant and deputised by Mr Jalo also an Accountant and my proposal was approved by the Ag Perm Sec. Alhaji lawal and God so kind to me, after the Ag Perm Sec. approved the committee, it was my time to leave for Hajj 2005 which was also approved earlier by the Ag Perm Sec. and I left for Saudi Arabia to perform that 2005 Hajj.

    Immediately, I left for Hajj 2005, the former FCSC Chairman Alhaji Algazzali wrote to my office, Office of the Accountant General of the Federation telling Accountant General of the Federation Mr Nayeju that, If I came back from Hajj 2005, I should report to OAGF Abuja, not FCSC Abuja. Our AGF Mr Nayeju, asked him why? which he was unable to explain.

    When I came back from Hajj, i was told by my DFS Mr Ade what Chairman did after I left for Hajj, I told him It was ok and then reported back to my Headquarter OAGF and after few days later Ag Perm Sec Alhaji Yakubu and DFS Mr Ade went to OAGF and saw AGF and resolved the matter and AGF asked me to go back to my office at FCSC and continue with my work, since the former FCSC chairman Algazzali was unable to explain to the AGF why he was returning.

    I went back to FCSC and continued as Head of Account and when I was going through the payment vouchers raised and paid at my absent, i saw a payment voucher of over a Million paid to a staff of promotion section of FCSC as overtime, approved by the Director Promotion Mr Mohammed while the money was earmarked for the Hon. Commissioners Allowances {Honorarium} for conducting 2004 promotion exams directorate cadre. I equally reported the
    matter to the Ag Perm Sec.Alhaji Lawal and the DFS Mr Ade and the Ag Perm Sec. immediately called Director Promotion Mohammed to his office and asked me to say my observations again infront of the 3 of them {Ag Perm Sec, Director Finance and Supply and Director Promotion}. I told the 3 of them that, when I reported back to office from Hajj 2005, I discovered a staff of Promotion
    Section had claimed overtime payments in his name of more than One Million approved by the director promotion Mr Mohammed and the payment voucher paid to him, had no list of the staff benefiting and more over, the amount was earmarked for Hon.Commissioners’ s allowances {Honorarium} for conducting 2004 exams, and if they come for their money, I may not know, how i would explain to them. the Ag Perm Sec then asked the Director Promotion to explain about the
    money. The Director Promotion said to us, they had added the money and bought air tickets for chairman Algazzali, the Hon. commissioners and other staff who traveled abroad to conduct 2004 promotion exams for directorate cadre.

    The Ag Perm Sec. Alhaji Lawan told the director promotion Mohammed, according to
    account records, the money wasn’t budgeted for air tickets, it was for commissioners allowances. At this, junction, the Director Promotion Mahammed stood up and told the 3 of us {the Ag PS, the DFS and myself} we can do anything and left the office of the Ag PS leaving the 3 of us there and went straight to the Ex Chairman Algazzali.

    The next working day, the former FCSC chairman Algazzali called the Ag Perm Sec. and told him that, I must leave FCSC that day, and he wrote a letter to AGF telling him that, he didn’t want me in FCSC, he should post me to another place. I left the FCSC that day, throughout the tenure of Algazzali as the chairman of FCSC he blocked my promotion which I did 5 times, {2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011} Assistant Director {Account} to Deputy Director {Account} and passed all the 5 exams very well and he put against my name No Vacancy in all the 5 exams and up to the time Algazzali returned me back to OAGF, I didn’t know anything about the doubtful and questionable
    payments of over N100 Million to the Landlords on Hon. Commissioners’ rented houses.

    b} When Algazzali left the FCSC as chairman and Deaconess Joan Ayo was appointed as Lady chairman to the commission, i really thanked God almighty for it, hoping that, Algazzali Injustice on my promotion might have come to an end. But when i did promotion exams of 2012 and 2013 and
    passed again very well and still FCSC put against my name No Vacancy, then I sensed something was still going wrong even with the Madam as chairman.

    I then wrote a letter of appeal with Ref: Number OAGF/NWZ/KD/002 Dated 29th Nov 2013 to the FCSC Lady Chairman Deaconess Joan Ayo and begged her to temper justice with mercy and release my promotion of Deputy Director {Account} with Examination Number FCSC/OAGF/ACCT/13/15/002 which I passed very well and copied:

    1. Mr President and Commander in chief of Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

    2. The vice president of the federal republic of Nigeria. Alhaji Namadi Sambo.

    3. The former Head of Service of the Federation. Alhaji Bukar Aji
    For their kind information, intervention and investigation.

    But when FCSC lady chairman set time table for 2014 promotion exams for directorate cadre, i registered and did the exam, since FCSC chairman didn’t release my promotion or respond to my letter of appeal to her with the above references. But to my surprise, FCSC Lady Chairman still omitted my name in the list of promoted staff, she just released with the above publication, which means I am now 12 years on One Rank Assistant Director Account} 01/01/2013 to date 2014, stagnating me on one rank for 12 years on No just cause, just out of the wickedness, injustice and unfairness of the Ex FCSC Chairman Algazzali.

    I am sincerely appealing to our listening President and Commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. His Excellency; Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCON
    who has the welfare and promotion of all Nigerian Workers at heart and always believes in justice and fairness to, not only Nigerian workers but the entire Citizens of Nigeria, to please intervene and investigate this matter thoroughly and bring any body found wanting to book, in order to show
    deterrence to other Chairmen with similar intention, protect innocent staff from injustice being made to them by the wicked Chairmen without just cause, just because of the power and authority God almighty gave and placed them to oversee the affairs of the innocent Nigerian federal workers, especially on staff promotion and welfare.

    Thank you Sir and wish you a successful tenure of office as Nigerian President and Commander in chief of the Armed Forces.

    AbdurRasheed Alhaji Ibrahim
    OAGF, North West Zonal Coordinator

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